30 April 2013


So this is my third year film! It was supposed to have a happy ending but I ran out of time. Instead of a summary, I'll elaborate on the title here since the two people I've told about it to said it's the good idea (heh) and this blogspot is supposed to be for that kind of thing.

Trappings -- Conventional outward forms or symbols; characteristic signs. ie: the trappings of progress. The title is a double entendre since the film is about the signs of technological progress and the traps that reliance on these 'trappings' create. We define progress and strive toward it, but at what cost?

I always feel stuck on the idea that people create their own problems, and that sometimes these problems just become so big that they can no longer be fixed, and it's ironic since we were the ones to create them in the first place. Not everyone is dealt a good or even a fair hand at birth, so I'm not saying people only have themselves to blame, but the problem extends to the dealer, who draws from a deck shuffled in a problematic casino. And the casino is not even the farthest reaching root of the problem, it's profiting from human nature.

Now I know that people don't really give a shit about the far-off future and maybe recycling and all that stuff would, at best, only slow down the inevitable. I take steps in the physical world to be a low user, but sometimes I also think the world is just going down the drain and nothing I can do would make a difference. And why should I even care? But I have no doubts when I think that progress will actually destroy us. Unless it's redefined, progress is directly correlated to capitalism and everything "wrong with the world." And people even know it's wrong, they know that pollution and destroying the environment is wrong on some level, but since it's also progress, there are just so many problems.  Change starts with the individual -- but that's getting off topic so to get back on -- the really massive problem of progress (and tradition and many other things) and its 'trappings' is just something I draw on a lot, kinda like interesting places or waiting for someone who may or may not come. I'm not saying the meaning of life is to preserve the earth or anything, I just find it interesting that destruction has become necessary.

And I only feel like I had free range to just unload here because I GOT A TUMBLR FOR MY ART!


And in the about there I said "for ramblings, visit my blogspot." So if I can spew anywhere I guess it would be here. 

23 April 2013


films were due yesterdaaaaaay and some backgrounds I'm going to post my film...next week? Yeah.

08 March 2013


I just thought it had been too long since I updated. These first couple drawings were a doodle break from my film. My process for these was just random scribbling and coloring in shapes I found...basically shutting off my brain and having fun with colors. I used mainly color pencil, some crayon, some marker.

This second one was the most heedless. I don't even remember doing most of it. I came out of this trance-like state and went, "did I just draw a..." well I can't walk to my cube everyday and not be influenced by the drawings on the walls.

 The below is a bit less spontaneous than the other two because I saw what it would become right away.

Lastly, I am right now in the process of trying to make my film visually coherent. There are soo many looks I want to use.

I am (probably) not using these particular images/bgs but they sorta make me think I'm grasping in the right direction.

27 December 2012

deepsea warming

I suddenly just drew a bunch of fish one day! I spent like forever arranging all the fish onto one canvas, but then I still thought it looked better like this:
I have a film idea about deep-sea fish but that will have to wait until NEXT YEAR if I even use it. Meanwhile, a work-in-progress background for the film I'm making this year:
It's really different from the digital ones I've already done uhhaha I probably shouldn't still be deciding on art direction.

07 December 2012

these first two are continuous line drawings of stills from King Kong Vs. Godzilla
Then a model:
I may update this later