22 September 2015

coming back to this blog?

Around last month, I 'finished' (as in, finally edited a little more coherently) the film I tried to make my fourth year. It's a bit darkened here and it doesn't have sound (yet?), but I also don't want my third year film on the top of the page anymore.

Summary: A girl mourning her parents wakes up one night to strange, beautiful lights in the sky; they lead her to where she truly belongs.

I've since taken it down because I'm editing it and I also got a musician! I'll put it back someday.

Made with paper cuts outs, shot on Dragon Frame Stop Motion, and composited on Adobe After Effects. I took a picture of the paper parts I salvaged:
Yeah, I indefinitely borrowed a tray from the cafeteria. I regret not taking pictures sooner! I've lost so many parts, including the pieces of her braid, which was kind of The Point. I'm also sighing over not taking a picture of my set up in classroom E21, especially for the light drawing parts. There were fairy lights and small breadboard boxes (I don't know what it's called) and it was pretty cool. Masha was my film workshop teacher that year; she showed me how to do all the things.

30 April 2013


So this is my third year film! Since the two people I've talked about it to said it's a good idea but very obscure, I'll explain it.

The story is a person and a tree co-exist in this world where most things have been destroyed by toxic waste and other stuff. The sea level has risen and comprises of some acidic substance and the air is too polluted to inhale. Thus this person walks around in a space suit (the masking tape patches are from accidentally falling into acid, I imagine) and relies on an oxygen tank to breathe. The way the oxygen tank works is -- throughout the day, the person breathes the oxygen in the tank and exhales carbon dioxide and water back into it. When the oxygen level is too low, the person goes back into the lab-cave and replaces it into these tubes hanging from the ceiling -- which connects to a tree that stands on top of the cave. The tree is mostly machine, and has been engineered to release any oxygen it produces during photosynthesis into the tank, where it becomes breathable air. Meanwhile, when the tank filled with carbon dioxide and water is hooked up to the tubes, the tree uses it for its own life functions.

There's another tank already full of oxygen from the last tank exchange the person did with the tree. The person then uses this tank to go about their...daily activities, which I imagine is just wandering around the nearby landscape until they need to refill again. The person has been here so long that they've started drawing the landmarks they know of on the backs of these tree maintenance checklists, a process which they've neglected. As a result (or perhaps it was inevitable) the tree stops 'working' and the person returns to the lab-cave to find there is no oxygen left. They hurry up to try to fix the tree, but to no avail. And then they die.

In an old version of the story I had this poor soul just barely manage to resuscitate the tree and happen to find a pod of seeds the tree had managed to produce -- something they would have discovered earlier if they'd bothered with more frequent tree maintenance. But I thought that was another story. And mostly I didn't have time. I sort of want to redo this idea with a clearer and better overall story but eh.

23 April 2013


films were due yesterdaaaaaay and some backgrounds I'm going to post my film...next week? Yeah.

08 March 2013


I just thought it had been too long since I updated. These first couple drawings were a doodle break from my film. My process for these was just random scribbling and coloring in shapes I found...basically shutting off my brain and having fun with colors. I used mainly color pencil, some crayon, some marker.

This second one was the most heedless. I don't even remember doing most of it. I came out of this trance-like state and went, "did I just draw a..." well I can't walk to my cube everyday and not be influenced by the drawings on the walls.

 The below is a bit less spontaneous than the other two because I saw what it would become right away.

Lastly, I am right now in the process of trying to make my film visually coherent. There are soo many looks I want to use.

I am (probably) not using these particular images/bgs but they sorta make me think I'm grasping in the right direction.

27 December 2012

deepsea warming

I suddenly just drew a bunch of fish one day! I spent like forever arranging all the fish onto one canvas, but then I still thought it looked better like this:
I have a film idea about deep-sea fish but that will have to wait until NEXT YEAR if I even use it. Meanwhile, a work-in-progress background for the film I'm making this year:
It's really different from the digital ones I've already done uhhaha I probably shouldn't still be deciding on art direction.