05 January 2011


First post of my art blog! I was going to make just one huge post summarizing (selectively) first semester, but I think breaking it up into a few posts would be better because it would seriously suck if I messed up.

Here are some couple-months-old figure drawings that I didn't accidentally leave at school. For the first batch I drew with a twig dipped in sumi ink because the teacher suggested it to the class. It was REALLY FUN and I would like to try it again. After I finished the ink contours on some of these I added watercolor and/or dry pastel. The time of the poses here ran from 3-10 (or 15, can't quite remember) minutes.

Gestures from another session. It's weird I gave these their own space, most of my 1 min. gestures are undecipherable from one another...

These are the more yayexperimental drawings I did of the same model, these were 7 or 10 min. poses. I think the last one was a couple minutes longer. Brush instead of twig this time.

Then I'll end with something from my most recent class, from which I'll post more later.

btw these look better if you click through to full view ok I'm done.

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