25 March 2011

sometimes, it's just a poodle

The first five are oldish because I got them back from the hallway today. Maybe I should shoot or scan the animation classwork we've been doing in life drawing...maybe.
Also, I have decided to title all of them for some kind of conceptual exercise.

"Spalanzani Among Olimpia's Elder Siblings."

"Changing Your Appearance Won't Make Something Love You"
I'm pretty sure this was from last semester, but I found the puppet's 'do not want' face kinda funny...if it's even apparent.

The next two are overlapping poses of an action that the model did.

"Yet, the World Keeps on Turning"

"To Fall Into One's Other Image."
If I had planned this one better it could have looked like a lesbo love scene. Oh well.

"Weather Does Not Pertain to Kings, Dearest Bro"

"Vanity Will Tear Us Apart" or "Oh baby I love you but this place ain't big enough for the two of us"

"A Pane of Glass and a Social Class or Two Away"

"I was supposed to be my lover's memory of warm bygone umbrella sharing days and a time neither of us thought we'd let the other fade alone into the gray -- but not enough time was alloted to depict this scene."

"That Mthrfckng Fish Ate My Mthrfckng Foot, Mthrfckr. I Meant the Mthrfckng Fish, Not You, Mthrfckr."

"The Trouble of Being on a Different Page from Yourself"

"I Can't Collect the Reward Without His Head, You Know."
Bad rhino, I can't trust you with anything and now you've eaten the tall grass.

"Smile Like You Mean It"
Boooooy, one day you'll be a maaaaan.

/Shamelessly ripped off from The Killers.

Blue sky, rainbow pony, cast shadow, and an umbrella that matches the wallpaper: "Quiet Desperation and its Side Effects"

"Nothing Will Ever Be the Same"

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