26 April 2011

am I really an animation student

First animation related post!
-- Films were due yesterday. I returned to my dorm room and promptly fell asleep at 8:00 PM (I woke up by myself at 6 AM today, I felt like such a healthy person).

...I am actually excited to do another one for next year.

-- We had to submit a still image and I chose this one:

It was a pretty easy choice for me, but when I was working on the film, I remember thinking that this one might make a good still:

or even this one:

I like looking at film stills. There's something about taking them out of context that makes it particularly artistic.

And these are photos of the backgrounds I painted for the film, in order of appearance and in their completely unedited-on-ps forms:

Colors are fun to (ab)use. Some of these only appear in my film in grayscale.

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