14 September 2011


These are some old things I did before I got into Calarts. In the portfolio I submitted for admission, they came after my figure drawings as supplemental pieces. I don't know why I'm uploading these now of all times, but I was just thinking about some of the concepts, ideas, and stories I had once felt really compelled to express -- and trying to draw from that to compare/contrast the point of view I have now.

"Why Would You Catch Shattered Glass" acrylic on woodburning 2008

"And You Realize Mephistopheles is Holding Your Chalk" Oil 2009

"Again" Ink, charcoal, chalk 2009
I elaborated on this piece for the art statement I had to write for CalArts (this is the only one I did it for lol, I usually hate explaining my stuff):

“ I am often told that I work very conceptually. For example, I have a piece entitled ‘Again’ depicting a child soldier standing before a burning village, his eyes shrouded in smoke. Here, I considered the potential duality of this scene. The child soldier could have been the one to burn down this village. But it is also possible that, since his village has been burned down, he is forced to become a child soldier to protect himself. Either way, he is now a child soldier and may be on his way to burn down another village, which may create more child soldiers who would perpetuate this scene, again.”

"Angkor Rot" Acrylic 2009

“I’m Afraid This is Not the Root of the Problem” pen and ink 2009
Two years later and I'm still sketching this concept. I have really thought of making a story out of it so I just might use it for a project.

These next two weren't in the portfolio I submitted to Calarts but were in the ones I submitted to other places.

"Harbor of Misplaced Wishes" Oil and acrylic 2010

“Clearing the Landmines” Oil and Acrylic 2010

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