15 December 2011


First page of 'Currents,' a mini comic I made that you can read here!

I took a graphic novel development class this semester and our final project was to make a ten page mini comic and print copies. This is the first time I tried to make a comic. It was veryveryvery time consuming and sort of traumatic but I feel like I just want to make more comics now! (I could wait a while, though, damn.)
So anyways -- 'Currents' takes place in rural China and is about two morticians who are tasked with transporting a corpse back to his home town. But of course things get out of hand...

Done traditionally with ink and lettered on photoshop. I got the idea for this story when my dad enlightened me about 'xiang xi gan shi,' which is a job that entails walking a corpse across a great distance and I was just like 'whoa, that is so weird...' So it's a real job that people have, but this is my own spin on it. I once saw a drawing of two people doing the job by carrying a plank (one person on each end) with a hole in the middle so they could shove the cadaver's head through the plank from below, and the body would stay upright because the hole encircled the neck. I did a very small ambiguous drawing of it on page 4.

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