10 September 2012

heads on a science apart

These are some left over visuals, absurdly combined, from the film I decided to scrap:

The next one is some new conceptual stuff I did over the summer. I'm not using these but it did make me realize I want to use a really strokey coloring style for my film.
These are layouts I will prooobably use. I changed the story but the concept is the same. There's still a cyborg tree.
I really just want to finish this idea this year. I've been sketching these elements for so long, and the story has departed so much from its origin. I don't want to see it land in another weird place and go 'hey, let's explore...!?' NO. But luckily one of the tree drawings I scrapped last semester could probably be used for the film this year! It actually fits the visuals a bit more.
Ah, I'll miss the scientist character.
EXCITED FOR CLASS IN NINE HOURS. I should probably sleep.

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