08 March 2013


I just thought it had been too long since I updated. These first couple drawings were a doodle break from my film. My process for these was just random scribbling and coloring in shapes I found...basically shutting off my brain and having fun with colors. I used mainly color pencil, some crayon, some marker.

This second one was the most heedless. I don't even remember doing most of it. I came out of this trance-like state and went, "did I just draw a..." well I can't walk to my cube everyday and not be influenced by the drawings on the walls.

 The below is a bit less spontaneous than the other two because I saw what it would become right away.

Lastly, I am right now in the process of trying to make my film visually coherent. There are soo many looks I want to use.

I am (probably) not using these particular images/bgs but they sorta make me think I'm grasping in the right direction.

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