22 September 2015

coming back to this blog?

Around last month, I 'finished' (as in, finally edited a little more coherently) the film I tried to make my fourth year. It's a bit darkened here and it doesn't have sound (yet?), but I also don't want my third year film on the top of the page anymore.

Summary: A girl mourning her parents wakes up one night to strange, beautiful lights in the sky; they lead her to where she truly belongs.

I've since taken it down because I'm editing it and I also got a musician! I'll put it back someday.

Made with paper cuts outs, shot on Dragon Frame Stop Motion, and composited on Adobe After Effects. I took a picture of the paper parts I salvaged:
Yeah, I indefinitely borrowed a tray from the cafeteria. I regret not taking pictures sooner! I've lost so many parts, including the pieces of her braid, which was kind of The Point. I'm also sighing over not taking a picture of my set up in classroom E21, especially for the light drawing parts. There were fairy lights and small breadboard boxes (I don't know what it's called) and it was pretty cool. Masha was my film workshop teacher that year; she showed me how to do all the things.

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